I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and passionately believe in the power of hypnotherapy to help clients achieve their goals. My role is to understand the outcomes that you are looking for in very specific detail. I will then take you into hypnosis (a deeply relaxed state like daydreaming) where I will make suggestions to your subconscious brain about the changes that you intend to achieve. By implanting these ideas in your subconscious brain you ensure that the next time you are faced with a decision about 'how to act' your rational, conscious brain will access those suggestions that were laid down during hypnotherapy - it's stronger than willpower and much more effective!

Birth Preparation

I work with expectant parents to address any fears they may have about birthing and to prepare them for an empowering experience. I use a range of tools including visualisation and deep relaxation. I draw on my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, my UK qualification for birth preparation and my own personal experiences.

I passionately believe that all women should take some time to prepare mentally for birth, as an empowering experience provides a fabulous start to motherhood and leaves you best placed to tackle the steep learning curve of caring for baby when the birth is over! 

Transformational Events

I run break through events for groups of motivated individuals who are eager to set stretching goals and commit to consistently working towards these. We will work together to address the resources participants need to achieve their goals and harness the positive power of a dynamic team energy to create motivation and lasting commitment to achievement.


I work with clients on a one-to-one basis to support them in setting stretching goals and then taking action to achieve them. I also help clients to overcome long-standing emotional blocks that they feel no longer serve them and are holding them back from living there best intentional life.