"How hypnosis helped with fertility"

    A client I was delighted to later supported with hypnobirthing

I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 16 years old and was told by two Gynae's that I was not likely to ever have children naturally. At 36 when my partner suggested that we start a family, I agreed. I had no expectations, but I wanted him to accept that we tried, before we started an adoption process. (I used an IUD to manage the symptoms of endometriosis for 17 years). When we started trying to conceive, I did not get a single ovulation test positive in 3 months so I still had little hope for a positive pregnancy test.

I made an appointment with Helen to deal with issues inherited from my mother, which she inherited from her mother, which I did not want to transfer to my daughter (whom I already started picturing we would adopt) and naturally fertility came up.

I have tried to deal with my food issues from my mother, and motherhood, through therapy and self help books and diets for years, but had realised that some things you can only get over through the subconscious (over thinking and over working generations worth of values and ideas will take forever - if ever - to overcome).

A few days after my session with Helen, I conceived! I have had a very healthy pregnancy and we cannot wait to meet our little boy very soon (and then the little girl that I still hope to adopt one day)

Thank you again for all of your support - it has been such a good journey for me.
F, Singapore

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Fear of Flying

I have been a nervous flier for many years. This anxiety would ruin the few days leading up to the flight and I would always feel very panicky on board. I decided I wanted to try hypnotherapy as I needed to overcome what was becoming a crippling fear. I had a session with Helen and found it relaxing and calming. She took time to understand the nature of my fear and I felt very safe in her hands.

The true test though was in the actual flying and since undertaking hypnotherapy, my anxiety has diminished. I was able to walk around the airport in a cheerful mood! Onboard, I am able to access a calm and relaxed state and even turbulence doesn't seem to bother me. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking to overcome their fear of flying.

Nicola, Singapore

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Nail Biting

A huge thank you for creating miracles! My husband has been biting his nails to the bone since I have known him (25 years) and now I don’t recognize his hands anymore.....his nails have grown and his hands look amazing. Thank you so much. I thought one couldn’t teach old dogs new tricks, but you certainly can!

T, Singapore

Board Break: Dream It - Believe It - Achieve It

Believe It - in action!

A great morning spent with Mary who was kind enough to provide some lovely feedback: 

"As a fellow fire walker  and multiple board breaker I can 100% recommend Helen from Inner Fire as you are in a very safe pair of hands from start to finish. It's such a liberating feeling physically breaking through any unconscious limitations you may have - to enable you to step up to the next level of your dreams. Thank you Helen, it was such fun and can't wait to do another one with you!"