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Congratulations! If you are reading this page you are likely expecting a baby soon. I imagine that you are very excited about meeting your baby, and busy preparing for parenthood. You may even have chosen where to give birth and who’s going to support you. So all the logistics are in place! 

If you are now left with some remaining concerns about giving birth you are not alone - many women describe themselves as fearful in anticipation of birth. The good news is that there’s plenty of research to say that preparing mentally can have a positive impact on your labour - suggesting that some of the benefits include less medication, less reported pain and shorter labours. 

I work with expectant parents to address any fears they have about birthing and to prepare them for an empowering experience. I use a range of techniques, including visualisation and deep relaxation. I draw upon my UK qualification in birth preparation, my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and my personal experience of working with expectant parents and delivering my own 2 babies.

I passionately believe that all women should take some time to prepare mentally for birth, as an empowering experience provides a fabulous start to motherhood and leaves you best placed to tackle the steep learning curve of caring for baby when the birth is over!